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I Finally Made a Pebble Watchface

I decided to make a watchface as part of a birthday gift for my boyfriend, (Dan Crowley).

It was surprisingly easy and only took me a few hours to make. I had set up the pebble development environment previously, but turned out not to need it thanks to (CloudPebble). I was surprised to learn that CloudPebble is the work of a student and not something put out there by Pebble! It’s a really nice interface that makes Pebble development simple and accessible.

For the watchface, I started with the code from the Simplicity watchface and then adapted it using the tutorials included in the SDK. I used a font downloaded from a (Legend of Zelda fansite). The top of the watchface is the triforce, which is actually just an asterix in the font pack. I arranged the text below the triforce in such a way that it would continue the pyramid shape downward. The time is at the bottom of the watchface, represented as a number of rupees, so that you get richer throughout the day. The day of the month is the “Level” you’re on, with the month above it in short month format to maintain the pyramid shape.

Dan loves it, but of course his favorite game is actually Final Fantasy VI (orignally marketed as Final Fantasy III here in the US). So I might have to make another watchface.

I uploaded the code to (Github) and the pbw to (MyPebbleFaces).